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As December arrives and we find ourselves over a year and a half into the COVID-19 crisis, and fatigue has set in for many of Alberta’s businesses and community leaders, we hope to help alleviate that stress with tips from some of our best partners.

EFASCIDE is Alien Electrostatic’s first choice for disinfectant and the best solution for rapid disinfection of surfaces exposed to potential contamination by COVID-19, especially when paired with Victory’s electrostatic sprayer. We have had great success working with you, Alberta’s businesses, and communities, in supporting communities’ proactive utilization of safe and scientifically based disinfecting practice. Although disinfection remains an integral process for the safe operation of Alberta’s facilities, our partners have suggested many other uses for our premier products and spoke to how they have upgraded their efficiency.
Electrostatic sprayers are the most effective applicator for disinfectant, but it can do more than that. The utilization of an electrostatic sprayer for applying cleaning solution contributes to a 90% increase in effectiveness compared to spray and wipes. Our product’s coverage, lower application time, and lower fluid consumption set us apart from less effective cleaning methods. Before a surface can be properly disinfected it must be cleaned. And Victory’s electrostatic sprayers assist with deep cleaning without hassle.
The unique properties of EFASCIDE set apart our non-toxic disinfectant in the kitchen and bar as a powerful all-purpose cleaner. Partnered businesses working with food and beverage site increased productivity through the cleaning power of EFASCIDE in hard-to-wash areas. For example: the trough sink behind every bar is a hassle to wash and the damp environment cultures the growth of bacteria and mold. Of course, these must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly to stay current with customer expectations and best practice. We suggest soaking these hard to clean areas with a small amount of EFASCIDE, waiting 5 minutes, and scrubbing away gunk with ease. This same procedure can be applied to restrooms, kitchens, tile, and more.
As we look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and focus on public health, a critical comparison between disinfectants is how they fare against the rest of the pathogen field. Many viruses and virtually all bacteria are much more complex than SARS-CoV-2. EFASCIDE not only effectively deactivates and kills common pathogens, but also does so with a much lower dwell time than most disinfectants. What’s more: instead of leaving filmy residue or harsh smell, EFASCIDE leaves behind imperceptible lemongrass and grapefruit terpineol for a real, fresh scent. For businesses and community leaders that wish to effectively manage common pathogens in years to come. EFASCIDE is a clear choice for upgraded disinfection protocols.

We have been thrilled to see how our partners use innovation to protect public health and look forward to hearing about how we can stay healthy together in the year to come. Want more tips on keeping yourself, your community, and your place of business safe? Give us a call today!


– Aaron Cooney