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Alien Electrostatic has partnered with Sport Calgary to provide local sport groups an opportunity to return to play as one!


To participate in the program, follow the steps below:

Step 1


Sport ABC is interested in using the electrostatic sprayer and disinfectant.

Step 2


Sport ABC contacts Sport Calgary to “book” the sprayer for the desired time. Sport Calgary confirms availability and reserves the sprayer.



Step 3


Sport ABC visits Sport Calgary offices to sign out the sprayer. Upon pickup, Sport ABC signs use agreement and waiver, and confirms they have viewed the orientation/demo video (below).

Step 4


Sport Calgary releases the sprayer to Sport ABC with a full 1L reservoir of EFASCIDE.

(1L covers 2800 sq ft. on the 40 micron spray tip setting)

Additional fluid can be purchased by contacting Alien Electrostatic.

Step 5


Sport ABC uses the device for the time allocated.

Questions about the device or the process can be directed to Alien Electrostatic.

Step 6


Sport Calgary accepts the return of the sprayer from Sport ABC, briefly inspects the sprayer, and refills the reservoir with disinfectant provided by Alien Electrostatic, ready for the next user.

– Electrostatic Sprayers

– Safe Disinfectants

– Protective Gear

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