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About Us

Alien Electrostatic is a subsidiary of Alien Intersport Ltd., the parent company of Alien In-Line; a Calgary based skate school in operation for over 25 years – recognized as one of the largest and best in the world.


Our focus at Alien Electrostatic is on making safer environments for schools, sport groups, and businesses. We specialize in sourcing state of the art electrostatic equipment for application of disinfectant, as well as the all around safest disinfectants available. We provide tailored solutions for various businesses, saving them money and making things possible. We also provide answers regarding optimal disinfecting for health minded clients. We believe with our help, these groups in the Calgary area and beyond can get back on their feet and offer and the unique programs, products and services that keep communities strong and healthy.

Like many sport groups and organizations in Calgary, in the spring of 2020 it was necessary to pause the instruction/activities of our sister-business, Alien In-Line, due to COVID-19 closures. At the time, we were in the process of searching for better methods to disinfect skates and equipment in between school classes. Early on we identified electrostatic spraying for full coverage, efficiency, and effective application, and also discovered an eco-friendly and SAFE disinfectant solutions for use in schools. This was the lightning bolt that forged Alien Electrostatic.

Alien In-Line has been a fixture in Calgary schools since 1996. Since that time, we have grown and expanded throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, developing a program that is respected by educators and much-loved by students. We are a professional, innovative, and forward-thinking company, and leaders in our field constantly striving to break new ground with our programs. Prior to the pandemic, Alien In-Line reached well over 100,000 students in over 325 schools each year. 

In the summer months, after focusing ourselves on the kind of planning, preparation, and constant innovation that has kept us a leader in school “in-service” programming for over 25 years, Alien In-Line returned to offer our renowned Summer Skate Camps to over 100 participants. Utilizing detailed COVID-19 protocols and premium quality disinfecting equipment we delivered our programs in the safest manner possible. Continuing into fall, we provided instruction both indoors and out, and successfully continued into select schools with no reported outbreaks. 

Our across-the-board initiatives included comprehensive COVID-19 management plans, identification of the best and most practical personal protective equipment for instructors, and the addition of state-of-the-art disinfection techniques. These initiatives have worked so well that we began to assist other sport groups and businesses, and this became the foundational building blocks for Alien Electrostatic.


Alien Electrostatic

Alien Electrostatic was founded during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Specializing in sport, our intent is helping small businesses get back on their feet.